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More About Online Course: Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy

A new, exciting online course, “Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy,” is now available for persons beginning their study of parliamentary procedure.     The unique course is designed for those who have no experience with parliamentary procedure or those who are just beginning to learn about the basics of parliamentary procedure.                    

The online course is now available through NAP at the cost of $110 through May 31. After that date, the cost of the course will be $125. The fee includes unlimited use of the online course for 60 days. Learners may exit the course at any time and then log back on and resume their study where they left off. A novice should take about five to seven hours to complete the interesting and educational course.

Learning is made fun through the use of lessons on a variety of subjects including:

  • Rules of Organizations
  • Conducting Business in Meetings
  • Handling Motions
  • Debate
  • The motions to Amend, Commit or Refer, and Postpone to a Certain Time
  • Changing Your Mind through the Motions - Reconsider, Rescind, and Amend Something Previously Adopted
  • Voting;
  • Enforcing and Suspending Rules

Each lesson is followed by a short quiz to help check on how the learner is doing. There are a total of 100 questions. A certificate will be awarded to those to achieve an overall score of 70 percent or above on the quizzes.    

Anyone interested in this new and interesting online course, “Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy,” call the headquarters of the National Association of Parliamentarians toll free at 888-627-2929 or go to the NAP website at www.parliamentarians.org.

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