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Funny Thing About Meetings

I attended the Florida State Association of Parliamentarians Convention in Miramar, FL last week-end and had a great time. You might think a convention of parliamentarians would be pretty staid and yes, even boring. Not this one!  It was lively, full of energy, and packed with young people.

Why on earth would they want to come? Well, it seems they go to meetings and they want to know how to get things done in a fair and efficient manner, and they believe knowing Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised and good parliamentary procedure will help them accomplish that goal.
Besides young people there, it is always great fun and very educational to be in a meeting when a expert presides. I've heard some speakers tout the idea that what is wrong with meetings is Robert's Rules -- well, yeah, probably so if Robert is the person presiding and he doesn't know what he's doing -- or he takes liberties with members' rights.  On the other hand, it is great to see a meeting done well, where everyone gets a fair chance to speak, ideas are openly discussed, and you still actually get done on time.
Kudos to Julie Palm, FSAP's president, for a well organized, well run meeting. I'll be back for the next one in the fall.  By the way, it is in the Lake Mary area in October.

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