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Surprise Everyone -- Call for the Orders of the Day

If you have ever been in a meeting in which the discussion seems to wander all over the place and never gets anywhere, you may want to learn how to use the motion, call for the orders of the day. These days many members are on a tight schedule and really hate wasting time in a meeting that spins and churns and goes no where.

If it seems to you that the meeting is off track and is not sticking to the agenda, you may speak up and say, "I call for the orders of the day." That means you are making a privileged motion that requires the group to conform to its agenda, program, or order of business. The chairman has to enforce it immediately -- no second or vote required. Just do it! The group can by a two-thirds vote continue what is being discussed, but still a single member has a lot of power to demand that everyone get down to business.

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