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December 2017 Florida Parliamentarian

The December issue of the Florida Parliamentarian features an NAP convention report, a unit lesson on Germane, and a sampling of mnemonics that can help you remember important parliamentary lists.  Regular columns include President Bierbaum’s message, the Q & A, and the directory update.  Finally a bit of poetry about parliamentary procedure closes out this issue.  

 September 2017 

The September 2017 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian features a column by President Eugene Bierbaum, PRP  on units as a parliamentary incubator.  The call to the Fall Meeting and Henry M. Robert’s Day along with registration forms, workshops, and proposed bylaws amendments are included as well.  Articles focus on the FSAP motto and the symbolism of the gavel. 

April 2017 Issue

The April 2017 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian contains the call to meeting for the annual meeting with the registration form and hotel accommodations form. Proposed bylaws amendments are submitted along with the bylaws committee and nominating committee reports. This issue also features a unit lesson on bylaws and an article on Vote of No Confidence.

 Unit Lessons

FSAP members have permission to reproduce these lessons for unit or individual study.


Let Me Interrupt Unit Lesson

Problem Solving

Rights of Members

Research Questions I

Practice Amendments Part I

Practice Amendments Part II

Research Questions II