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March 2019 Florida Parliamentarian

The March 2019 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian announces the FSAP annual meeting May 17-19, 2019 in Brandon, FL.  Registration forms are included and there is notice of bylaws amendments.  Articles featured include:  How a Table Changes its Shape Across the Ocean and The Chair Votes.  The parliamentary lesson is on How Should the Chair Respond?  Also featured is the popular Q and A column.

December 2018 Florida Parliamentarian

The December 2018 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian features a unit lesson on Handling Motions and articles on Provisos and Raise a Question of Privilege in addition to the Q and A column.  Two new forms to transmit applications, renewals and dues for provisional members are provided.

September 2018

The September 2018 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian includes information about the workshops to be presented at the Henry M. Robert Day workshops.  An article, Tell, Teach or Train is featured in addition.

June 2018

The June 2018 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian includes information about the FSAP annual meeting held in May. There is also a lesson on original and incidental main motions.  Regular columns include the FSAP President’s message, the Q & A, and the directory update.

April 2018

The April 2018 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian includes the schedule for the Annual Meeting in May along with the proposed bylaw amendment to establish a registered section.  You can find information about Parliamentary Law Month. There is also a lesson on Presiding Questions.  Regular columns include President Bierbaum’s message, the Q & A, and the directory update.

Parliamentary Lessons

FSAP members have permission to reproduce these lessons for unit or individual study.

Presiding Questions

Germaneness in Debate and Amending

How Should the Chair Respond?

Let Me Interrupt Unit Lesson

Problem Solving

Rights of Members

Research Questions I

Practice Amendments Part I

Practice Amendments Part II

Research Questions II

Is it in Order?