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Barbara Proctor, PRP

Professional Registered Parliamentarian
3630 NE 97 Street Rd Anthony FL 32617 Cell Phone: 352-229-1670
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3630 NE 97 Street Rd
Anthony, Florida 32617
Cell: 352-229-1670
Greater success for individual leaders and for organizations can be achieved by following proper parliamentary procedure.    I have witnessed this during my 30+ year career as a parliamentarian for local, national, and international organizations.
Types of organizations include:  professional associations, nonprofit organizations, government and quasi government entities, unions, dog clubs, political organizations, homeowner associations (HOA), and condominiums, civic, fraternal, religious, credit unions, youth groups, boards and committees. 
Types of meetings include:   trials, conventions, boards, committees and membership meetings, council meetings, caucus and strategy sessions
Expert services include:  bylaw consultant, preparing the agenda and scripts for meetings, training individuals and groups, presiding, serving as parliamentarian during the meeting ensuring proper procedure is followed (to preserve rights of members and the assembly).   
Allow me to assist you and your organization to develop its best practice based on your parliamentary authority: (Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (Sturgis), Demeter’s Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure, or Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure).   I am available to travel to all municipalities in the State of Florida. 
Categories: Boards, Bylaws/Governing Documents, Conventions, General Parliamentary Procedure, Meetings, Presiding, Training