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December 2022 Florida Parliamentarian

November 2022 Florida Parliamentarian


A Tale of Two Conventions

Committee, Its Reports, and the Minutes Case Question & Answer

Divide a Question

Helen’s Helpful Hints for Passing the Membership Exam

How Abstentions Affect the Vote

Ode to the Thirteen Ranking Motions  


Reconsider and Enter on the Minutes 

Thank You, Judges!

U.S. Flag Guidelines

Where do I start?


FSAP Bylaws and Standing Rules

2022 Annual Business Meeting Book of Reports 

Parliamentary Law Month Invitation and Proclamation

Past FSAP Presidents


Provisional New Member Application Form

Provisional Member Renewal Form 

FSAP Workshop Proposal Form

Parliamentary Lessons

FSAP members gave permission to reproduce these lessons for unit or individual study.

Is it in Order?

Isn’t There Anything I Can Do? 

Motion Practice

Which Motion Would You Use? 

Parliamentary Acronyms

Parliamentary Inquiry? Can You Answer These Questions? 

Presiding Questions

Privileged Motions

Germaneness in Debate and Amending

How Should the Chair Respond?

Let Me Interrupt Unit Lesson

Problem Solving

Rights of Members

Research Questions I

Practice Amendments Part I

Practice Amendments Part II

Research Questions II