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2021 Article Downloads

Where do I start?

Committee, Its Reports, and the Minutes Case Question & Answer

Past FSAP Presidents

March 2021 Florida Parliamentarian

January 2021 Florida Parliamentarian (Flipbook)

January 2021 Florida Parliamentarian (PDF)

FSAP Workshop Proposal Form

July 2021 Florida Parliamentarian

September 2020 Florida Parliamentarian

This issue has everything you need to register for the combined annual and fall meeting with Henry M. Robert’s Day workshops.  The registration form is included and is also available as a separate file to download and print.

June-July 2020 Florida Parliamentarian 

The June-July 2020 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian is an educational issue.  It is chock full of articles and personal experiences.  Don’t forget to use the nomination form to honor FSAP members of distinction.  The deadline is coming up soon!  Members of Distinction Nominating Form

 March 2020 Florida Parliamentarian

The March 2020 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian includes the information about the cancellation of the annual meeting.  Because many parliamentarians are taking part in or assisting others with virtual meetings, there is a wonderful article by Jim Slaughter, PRP, on Let’s Hold Our Meeting/Convention online.  You will also find a call for nominations for Members of Distinction.  The nomination form can be downloaded here.

December 2019 Florida Parliamentarian

The December 2019 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian has dues renewal information for provisionals–both continuing and new–along with the forms necessary to submit with dues.  The forms may also be found on the Members Only page of this website.  In this issue, we share a wonderful inspiration given by Wayne Kofink, PRP.  This inspiration was given at the Fall meeting and we hope you will enjoy it.  Reaching back into files from the past, we found an interesting article by Elsie Babcock first printed in the National Parliamentarian in 1995.  All the “Cannots” mentioned are unchanged in the 11th edition except for the page numbers.  Helen Popovich, PRP, provided a great lesson on Secondary Amendments.  Let us know if you enjoyed this issue and also what else you would like to have in upcoming editions!

September 2019 Florida Parliamentarian

The September 2019 issue of the Florida Parliamentarian includes information about the workshops to be presented at the Henry M. Robert Day workshops.  An article entitled “What RONR Doesn’t Tell You About Committees” is included. Also featured is the popular Q&A column.

Parliamentary Lessons

FSAP members have permission to reproduce these lessons for unit or individual study.

Presiding Questions

Germaneness in Debate and Amending

How Should the Chair Respond?

Let Me Interrupt Unit Lesson

Problem Solving

Rights of Members

Research Questions I

Practice Amendments Part I

Practice Amendments Part II

Research Questions II

Is it in Order?