National Association of Parliamentarians

The NAP Web site features educational materials and online courses on parliamentary procedure. Both are available to members and the public.

Online courses available:

Bylaws: Construction of a Successful Organization is an intermediate course designed for individuals ready for more in-depth study of bylaws, members of bylaws or bylaws revision committees, boards of directors, and everyone who aspires to attain a thorough understanding of the governance of organizations. The course includes detailed presentation of governing documents, standard bylaws articles, additional bylaws articles, creating bylaws, amending bylaws, revising bylaws, bylaws pointers, publishing bylaws, and interpreting bylaws.

Fun with Parliamentary Procedure. Engaging activities in this interactive online course help you learn the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure to be a more effective member and leader of your organization.

Minutes Made Easy course provides secretaries of organizations and other minutes-takers with time-saving tips, knowledge of the proper content of minutes, and the information to serve as secretary with confidence.

Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy Learn all about rules and bylaws, the order of business, the motions to amend, refer to a committee, postpone indefinitely, and many others. This course is designed for beginners or those new to parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Practice Registration Exam Prepare for the registration exam by practicing the online test. You’ll be able to experience going through a test just like the real thing except in the practice exam, you’ll get instant feedback with page reference numbers for any missed questions.

Selecting Your Leaders: Nominations, Elections, and Ballot Voting

Find out how to run smooth elections, including various methods to nominate and vote. Learn the rules for ballot voting and how your organization can have fair elections that ensure your members’ confidence in the results. This course includes scripts, ballots, and tellers’ reports for practice.

What to Say and When If you are not sure what to say when you’re asked to chair a meeting or to serve as president, this basic course is the one for you. Learn the language of presiding for the order of business and handling a motion. The course includes a practice script you can print and use for practice or as the basis to create your own meeting script.  This course is available in English and in Spanish.